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IT compensation report released by Just Join IT shows Salary trends in Poland

The remunerations are still on the rise in IT but not as fast as they used to.

It still pays to work in IT, although the labor market has stabilized a bit by now. Compensations continue to rise, but not as fast as they used to 2 or 3 years ago. These are the findings of the latest remuneration report for 2021, prepared by the most popular job board for the IT industry – Just Join IT.

Last year has definitely been a successful one for the software developers. The market expansion, accompanying technological development and the constantly growing demand for IT services are the main aspects which translated into an increase in average remunerations in the IT industry. However, it was not as dynamic as in the previous years. You can see an increase in salaries in senior positions for both types of employment. The juniors who are looking for a contract of employment may feel at a disadvantage since, compared to the previous year, their average pay gone up only by PLN 200 gross.

How much money can developers hope to make?

Fluctuations have declined significantly, but the growing trend in the level of pay has remained nonetheless. Compared to the previous year, the average junior salary increased by only PLN 154 gross on a contract of employment and now amounts to PLN 6,509 gross. Mid-level developers have, on average, received a cash injection of PLN 434 gross (PLN 11,674), and the seniors only PLN 337 gross (PLN 16,470). For those cooperating under B2B contracts, the differences range from PLN 294, PLN 411, PLN 372 net, respectively in junior (PLN 7,498), mid (PLN 14,105) and senior positions (PLN 19,089).

Salary increases are dictated by the continuing record-high demand for Polish IT services and products, which means that the companies have to compete even harder for programmers in order to meet the needs of their customers. The human factor has always been the most difficult link in any company, regardless of the industry.

Polish companies often operate on budgets comparable to their Western competitors. Moreover, the programmers who enjoy a certain level of earnings stop chasing higher pay purely for money’s sake. For these professionals, it is the other aspects, such as organizational culture and work models, that begin to play a much bigger role.

Popularity by category

The categories that have been very popular in Poland for years – i.e. JavaScript, Java, Python, as well as Testing – are still at the forefront of programmers’ interests. This partially translates into the demand of companies – in 2021 we have published the most offers for JavaScript, Java and Testing.

And salaries? The low popularity usually goes hand in hand with the high pay. The biggest money is made in DevOps – and here there are much less offers for these positions. Quite high earnings are also offered in Python, Java and Data technologies.

Perspectives for the IT industry

The Polish IT market will definitely continue to expand, as will the entire market of all the professions requiring digital competences. The real world is increasingly being replaced by the virtual one, with automation transforming  even most basic professions. Therefore, it is crucial not only to follow the current trends and analyze the development opportunities of the IT industry, but also to adjust to the current business demands for technological services.

Along with earnings, the demand for specialists from the entire industry is rising – perhaps it is high time for Polish companies started hiring programmers from the east? A study conducted by Just Join IT in 2021 shows that as much as 75 percent of employers are considering this course of action in 2022. Will this be one of the dominant trends in the Polish IT industry in the nearest future? It seems to be a good solution, and, furthermore, for the Polish IT companies it is an opportunity to fill a gap in the market. It should be remembered that the demand for IT specialists in Poland still remains at the level of 50.000 people, and in other European countries the number of vacancies reaches up to 300.000. The forecasts for the next 6 years show an increase in this number to one million.

The full version of the Just Join IT 2021 Salary Report

About Just Join IT

Just Join IT is a Polish startup, and, currently the most popular and the fastest-growing job board for the Polish IT industry. Every month, over 400,000 thousand Polish programmers view the job offers on the site over 4 million times. Just Join IT has already been trusted by 6,000 IT companies. The startup was established in 2017 in Gdańsk Żabianka, without any support from outside investors. Built with the support of the Polish programmers community, it has become a market leader and the most popular IT job portal in Poland. Its founders are Piotr Nowosielski and Tomasz Gański.


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