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BUSINESS Oradea City Hall earmarks EUR 0.3 mln per year for tech hub development

Oradea Tech Hub, a hub dedicated to technology startups in the northwestern part of the country, launched at the end of last year a pre-acceleration program called Make IT in Oradea.

The program has an annual budget of EUR 300,000, of which 80% will finance projects with growth potential.

The Oradea City Hall provides the EUR 300,000 budget and has committed to offering this amount annually

"We want to emphasize the uniqueness of this program because it is a premiere in Romania for a city hall to invest in the ecosystem of startups at this level. The first initiative of the program is the Bright Labs startup incubator," David Achim, executive director at Oradea Tech Hub, told Ziarul Financiar.

The organization also published Oradea Startups Report 2020 - the first report of this kind produced to display the dynamics of the technology startup ecosystem in Oradea and the 22 active startups in the ecosystem.

"Through this report, we want to encourage the development of new startups, attracting talent and, last but not least, investors. We want all 22 active startups in the ecosystem at the moment to be successful. The best known of them at the moment would be Bannersnack, Flipsnack, Paymo, TypingDNA, and Appointfix," said Achim in September at the event dedicated to the report.

Oradea Tech Hub was set up in May 2015, when a group of businessmen in the IT sector (but not only) from Oradea decided to create an organization to develop and unite the community of technology enthusiasts in the region.

(Photo: Sarayut Thaneerat/ Dreamstime)


Source: Romania Insider

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