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CEE Digital Solutions Awards & Matchmaking

"Distinguishing top digital solutions providers across CEE"

12 May 2022

Poland. Hungary. Ukraine. Romania. Bulgaria. Serbia. Czech Republic. Slovakia. Lithuania. Latvia. Belarus. Moldova.

1-on-1 Matchmaking meetings limited to just 30 digital buyers and "gatekeepers" and 60 digital services providers.

CEE Digital Solutions Awards, 12 May 2022 in Warsaw

The CEE Digital Solutions Awards will showcase digital services providers from Central Eastern Europe, and introduce them to buyers from the world's largest economies: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan.

The event features our popular CEE Digital Solutions Showcases: 10-minutes Case Studies of solutions produced from CEE for business problems, followed by our evening Awards ceremony, with 10 Awards categories. 

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CEE Digital Solutions  Awards & Matchmaking:

We are connecting CEE Tech talent to global markets and we are covering the CEE markets of: Poland. Ukraine. Romania. Hungary. Bulgaria. Serbia. Czech Republic. Slovakia. Lithuania. Latvia. Belarus. Moldova.

Our focused 1-day events connect global technology buyers (primarily in western Europe, Scandinavia, UK, US and Japan) with top digital services providers from Central Eastern Europe. Our previous events (June and September 2020, and January and November 2021) have included more than 375 guests, 97 Speakers, and 348 direct meetings (1-on-1).  See examples of CEE Digital Solutions Showcases here


The event features:

  • 1-on-1 pre-arranged 1-on-1 InPerson meetings; or video-meetings.  (Excellent platform Brella for pre-arranged direct meetings.)
  • CEE Digital Solutions Awards!  Top 10 Digital Solutions from CEE. To be voted on by an independent Jury of 15 top execs (global buyers of tech/digital).
  • CEE Solutions Showcases. A new way to present your digital solutions on stage to the full audience: 10 minutes case-study of a digital solution to a business problem. Limited to just 7 companies, all Showcases are automatically submitted to the Awards. Ask for details regarding Showcases: tb(at)biznespolska.pl (or 48-508-143-963).


The Matchmaking portion (both InPerson and online) of the event is limited to just 30 digital buyers and 60 digital services providers from CEE.


The Platform - Brella: We are using the Brella Platform, with some powerful features, including:

  • Direct 1-on-1 Video meetings.  Pre-arranged Meetings tool.  This meeting-tool accommodates both Online and InPerson meetings seamlessly.
  • Live-streaming of all Main sessions and Breakout/Workshop Sessions for more specific, deep-dive subjects.
  • Live Information Booths with Streaming-Video about companies attending


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